Embracing the element of surprise!

I sincerely believe that this curated shopping site, a single-handed work of love and dedication fed on my passion for unexpected beauty and unique shapes delivered by incredible jewelry designers, will appeal to many style like-minded women and provide all a fun jewelry discovery and shopping experience.

I love jewelry pieces which captivate the eye, not for their obvious beauty and sparkle but their uniqueness and presence that can’t go unnoticed. I appreciate jewelry not solely as a decorative ornament, but a form of self-expression, a visual statement. I understand jewelry as functional, wearable art! 

I don't follow the seasonal jewelry trends religiously, but I'm also not avoiding them. I love everything about the search process, the hunt for new unique pieces and designers that wow me and hopefully you too! I pick every single piece you find on the website instinctively, torn between distinctive styles, I let the mood of the day guide me!


During this last five years of publishing unconventional jewelry pieces here and on Tumblr, it has always been about the fun creative process, the hunt for surprising WOW pieces, never for the outcome.


Nevertheless, you can support me on this venture when you make purchases via my partner store links and banners that help me to continue to offer you a great source of one-of-a-kind pieces of jewelry, support and cover the costs of maintaining these pages at no additional cost to you. 

Feel free to get in touch with me, share your thoughts and suggestions:


Ana Palmeirim-Väyrynen

Jewelry editor/curator following her style instinct.



Unconventional Jewelry is a curated jewelry shopping site featuring a  daily handpicked selection of unique jewelry pieces available to purchase* from the most renowned and influential online fashion and apparel stores.



My name is Ana Palmeirim-Väyrynen, I live in Helsinki-Finland, originally from Lisbon-Portugal. For the past five years, I have been blogging unusual jewelry pieces on Tumblr. I started off this journey there, by sharing only vintage modernist Finnish jewelry, with the objective to create an online photo gallery of Finnish jewelry. Later, I started exploring the designs of artists from other Scandinavian countries and carried-on by also publishing pieces from jewelry designers and brands from all the corners of the world, turning that Tumblr blog into an inspiration source and a shopping reference for impressive designer jewelry pieces from Finland, Scandinavia, and the World, proudly mentioned in The New York Times.


This new Unconventional Jewelry site is the natural progression of my ever-growing passion for jewelry. 


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"I invent nothing, I rediscover." 

Auguste Rodin, Sculptor