Bibi van der Velden artistic career started at a very early age when finding her vocation in sculpture, something that has been almost second-nature to her since she comes from a family of artists, her mother is Michèle Deiters, a renowned sculptor. While studying fine arts in Florence - Italy, Bibi van der Velden interest in jewelry started to flourish, being a collector of antique objects, and an avid traveler, it all came to influence her designs and the choice of materials for her creations, launching in 2005 her first jewelry line. It's clear that Bibi wearable art fine pieces transport us to the past and nature unveiling fantasy and humor elements. Bibi uses sustainable materials to produce her jewelry and has a strong desire to achieve a balance between luxury and sustainability. 

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"I invent nothing, I rediscover." 

Auguste Rodin, Sculptor